Pat McCrory concedes!

If there is a ray of sunshine in the recent election, it is that Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina has lost the position to the Democratic challenger, Roy Cooper. While the race was very close, McCrory conceded today.

Obviously, McCrory was controversial because of his bigoted ideas and the famous HB2 trans-gendered bathroom bill. He stood behind the bill, despite widespread national disapproval and ridicule. McCrory

While Trump did win the state of North Carolina, the controversial bathroom law cost the state an estimate $400 million in lost business. Companies like PayPal and Deutsche Bank cancelled expansions, costing the state more than 1,000 jobs. Rockstars, like Bruce Springsteen cancelled concerts. Hopefully, the new governor can get the law repealed, especially in the face of the possible loss of $5 billion a year in federal education money. It looks like voters in in NC could at least feel it in their wallets if they couldn’t feel it in their hearts.