Score One (or 9) For The Good Guys

The Washington State Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a florist who denied services to a same-sex couple cannot claim a religious exemption. The religious objection idea often cited by conservatives is revealed for what it really is: thinly veiled bigotry.

Who cares about some flowers? Aren’t there other florists? According to the court ruling, the case here “is no more about access to flowers than civil rights cases in the 1960s were about access to sandwiches.”

“Public accommodations laws do not simply guarantee access to goods or services, Instead, they serve a broader societal purpose: eradicating barriers to the equal treatment of all citizens.”

There was a great deal more in the arguments about the nature of art, morality, and the right to protest. But the message was clear: Like race and religion, sexual orientation is a protected category.

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